OTS provides consulting services covering a wide range of issues which affect the reliability of critical electrical systems. We are committed to the safety of all qualified and unqualified workers, as well as to your company's complete compliance to all government and regulatory requirements.

Our team offers over 50 years of expertise, and will tailor our consulting services to your specific needs. Some of our disciplines and areas of expertise include:

Change Management

This comprehensive study of policy, procedures and training utilizes measured goals and measured results to help you improve workplace safety. OTS consultants will work with you to successfully enact this study and follow through on the results.

Critical Procedure Development

In order for operations staff to properly address critical systems such as UPS switching, Critical High Voltage Power Switching, generators and more, the right procedures and protocols must be in place.

Electrical Safety and Lockout-Tagout Policies

If you are a qualified electrical worker, specific lockout-tagout standards must be addressed. OTS can help you to create and implement proper lockout-tagout procedures to help you create a safer workplace.  

Lockout-tagout is also necessary for many in general industry. Call an OTS expert today to ascertain your compliance requirements.

Job Task Analysis & Job Hazard Analysis (JTA/JHA)

A job hazard analysis focuses on job tasks as a way to identify hazards before they occur. We look at the  relationship between the worker, the task, the tools, and the work environment in order to identify uncontrolled hazards. OTS will provide the guidance as to the best practices in regards to the task at hand.